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Share your  experiences and help me to continue to hone my material!

If you attended my Master Performing workshops, masterclasses, or private coachings, I would be very appreciative of your positive feedback which I can share on my Testimonials page. Please use the following form.

It’s warm and fuzzy to hear what I did well, and it is also valuable to receive constructive feedback, which you are free to give anonymously. (Sign your name/email if you wish to receive any follow-up information.)

What did you like? What have you used in your practice already? What other things do you wish we had covered? Are there things that we did cover that were not particularly useful? I value everything you care to share with me.

Nobody reads the submissions other than me, and I will absolutely not share names or email addresses, ever.

I will only publish your name in a testimonial with your express permission. You may ask to be listed any way you wish, for example: John Tree – Pianist; J. Tree – musician; J.T. – musician;  Private Name – Stage Actor; Private Name – Dancer; or just Private Name. However you wish.

The form asks you to solve a  math puzzle. That prevents me from getting spam. Sorry if you hate math puzzles.

The form also asks for a name and e-mail address; feel free to use a bogus one if you wish to remain anonymous with your comments.

Thank you for helping me to hone my game!


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