“(The) course sold out very quickly and the attendees praised your teaching skills and in-depth interactions with the class. I would certainly recommend you as an instructor and FTM would be delighted to program your course again in the future. Thank you again for all of your excellent work.”  –Adam Smoluk, Program Manager, Film Training Manitoba

” …explanation of the physical manifestations of the “fight or flight” syndrome… was exceptionally well detailed. Laurier students have said that this was the best and most detailed discussion of this topic that they have heard to date.” –Amy Hamilton, Professor of Flute and Coordinator of Winds, Brass, Percussion, Laurier University

” …concise, informative and entertaining… displayed a great depth of knowledge both from the perspective of a performer and someone who clearly understands the physical and psychological effects of performance anxiety on a musician. The students came away armed with knowledge that will help them better understand and cope with performance anxiety. Bravo!” -David Wiffen, Saxophonist and Instructor, Laurier University

Private (For confidentiality, private client names are not published.)

“My auditions have a new sense of focus now.” -Professional Actor (stage/commercial)

“I just wish I had this 20 years ago.” -Speaker.

“Mind blowing. Best… workshop on understanding the mind I have ever done… I am not a woowoo hocus pocus person.” -Professional Musician

“…gave me hope.” -Young Musician

“…knowledge and guidance in steering me forward to my own destiny was freakin’ fantastic…. (Lisa) knows her STUFF.” -Professional Musician

“Makes sense. Makes total sense.” -Professional Actor (TV/Film/commercial)

“Where were you 20 years ago when I really needed this? My career would have been quite different…” -Professional Musician

“Craft. Ever since taking these workshops, I think that every time I practice. My craft. No 75% Club for me!” -Performance Artist

“…knowledgeable, passionate, interesting…and valuable.” -Young Musician

“It was such a relief to learn that with all my anxiety about performing, I was not alone.” –Professional Actor (Film/TV)