The Course!

For years, people have been asking me when I would turn my material into a book or a course. I am beyond excited (and, a little underwater with all the work that is involved) to be working on a series of interactive, self-paced course modules. The first one to be released will be Motivation. If you want to receive a notification when it is releasing, please send me an email.

This image is a poster for the Ready Set Confident course. The title is Ready Set Confident, and the subtitle is A self-paced course to teach you the winning mindset of high-performers. There are 5 colourful bubbles, one for each module. Motivation (blue) Confidence and Self-Esteem (green), Resilience (purple), Manage Your Nerves (red), and Prepare Like a Champion (yellow). At the bottom of the image is the text, "5 modules designed to help you to understand your own motivation, build confidence and self-esteem, foster resilience, control nervousness, and deliver your best."