When Your Lucky Pet Rock Fails You

You’ve honed your art.

You’ve perfected your craft.

You’ve studied and practiced and prepared and anticipated. A great deal is riding on this competition, performance, or audition. You have invested time, money, and self. You even have your lucky pet rock in your pocket.

You know that this performance matters. You know that if you nail it, good things will lie ahead. You also know that if you blow it, there will be a price.

Your big moment awaits. Your cue arrives. You were terrific in your living-room run-through; now, all you need to do is bring your living room greatness to the stage.

You get ready. You breathe in. You feel fine for a moment. Your heart pounds, in the good way. Then your heart pounds, in the bad way. Uh-oh. You tighten. You wonder if you have just achieved the impossible: forgetting how to breathe. You quiver a little. Suddenly the world is at the same time full of detail and void of it. Everything seems frightening; a judge, a fellow competitor, the stage. Your tongue doesn’t work anymore; you can scarcely swallow. Your fingers don’t move as quickly or accurately as you know they can. Your feet forget pointe from plie. You forget your lines. Heck, you even forget English, and suddenly find yourself fluent in Jibberish. Your tone shakes. Your voice quivers. Your muscles fail you. Your mind freezes. But you were so great in your living room!

You question yourself, “Why am I here? Did I really think I could compete in this arena? I’ve blown it already and I have not even stepped on to the stage. Is it too late to sign up for lessons in disappearing?”

You tank. You choke. You crumble and fall.

Yes, sometimes even your lucky pet rock lets you down. Don’t worry. There’s something even better than a lucky pet rock. You’ve come to the right place to Master Your Mind.