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Let’s Share Our Stories!  (Read them here.)

We’re all in this together. I’ve already told you about a few of my foibles in my About page, and believe me, I could add many more, both my own and otherwise! (My dancer friend who landed on a paper snowflake and slid to her un-glory in an important performance. My trombonist colleague who wondered why his tone and pitch were so wonky as he played one of the most major orchestral solos; he discovered that night, when he disassembled his trombone,  that a pencil had accidentally gotten stuck in his trombone…)

This is all about sharing and humanizing the performance anxiety experience. Let’s face it, we have all been there.

So, use the form below to share your story. It can be silly, serious, embarrassing, or career-stalling. Stories of heart beating, limbs shaking.

I will moderate submissions before posting them, in case you accidentally include your email in the body. I will -not- post email addresses. I will also not post your name unless you give me permission. (You can use full name, first name, initials, no name – whatever you want.) If you ever have Sender’s Regret and change your mind, just send me a message and I will delete your submission.

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