Private Contact Page

This is a private contact page, available only by my having sent you a link.

This is a way for masterclass participants to voice their concerns prior to a masterclass, so that I can tailor my material to the particular class.

Sometimes in a class of peers, people can be shy to name their concerns aloud. So, if you want to give me a heads-up as to your particular fears, frights, experiences, or challenges, please do so using the form below.

This can be anonymous if you want it to be. Nobody maintains the site other than me, and all submissions land in my private inbox. The form asks for your name and e-dress, but you can use a bogus name and e-dress if you wish to remain anonymous. However, please do state which masterclass you are attending as I will not otherwise know which class a particular request is coming from. (i.e. state “March Mondays Package”, or “Brown School Triangle Masterclass”, etc)

The form asks you to solve a  math puzzle. That prevents me from getting ridiculous spam. Sorry if you hate math puzzles.