Optimal Artist in Cooperstown, June – August 2018

Some of my fondest performing memories are of summers at Glimmerglass. I am delighted to be back again this summer as part of the Janacek production, and am thrilled to be able to offer to the Glimmerglass community a summer run of my Master Performing Optimal Artist program.

Who is it for? Anyone who has to perform like an Olympian, whether at Glimmerglass (YAPs, Orchestra) or throughout the year (Interns!).

The program will be 10-12 sessions of 3 hours each, spaced from late June – late August. I will base the schedule on the schedule of the participant demographic (YAP, interns, and orchestra). The program covers everything described here.

Complimentary introduction and information session:

Pierstown Grange: Sunday, 17 June. Exact time TBD; probably 10am

This introductory session will cover a description of Mental Skills Training, a curriculum overview, and will provide several concepts and tools that you can take away and use even if you do not sign up for the main workshop.

The 17 June session is free of charge, you’ll learn stuff, and there is no obligation to enroll in the summer-long course – but still, but registration is mandatory – please register here.

If it’s free, why do you need to register? I am renting the Grange for this event, and I want to plan my participant numbers. So here’s my offer: if you register for the free session by 1 June, you will receive a coupon for $100 towards the Optimal Artist program, if you decide to enroll.

Please be in touch with any questions. Please note, non-Glimmerglass folk are of course welcome to participate in the Optimal Artist program, but the schedule will be structured around the Glimmerglass schedule. If you’d like to share this program with someone but that timing and geography doesn’t suit, feel free to refer them to my Toronto course in June or my Boston course in July… although really, who wouldn’t want to come to Glimmerglass all through the summer?!? 🙂